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5 Reasons to Modernize Water Data Management

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Water monitoring is an essential public service. Protecting people, economies, and the environment requires unlocking the right insights from your data.

Learn how your agency can benefit from adopting proven data-to-information-to-knowledge management best practices:

  1. Water knowledge reduces real risks.
  2. 50% efficiency gains boost professional productivity.
  3. Real-time insights support wise water resource decisions.
  4. High quality data builds trust in your agency.
  5. A modern, intuitive interface attracts top talent.

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Does your data support water resource decisions?
In a survey of 25 million nutrient records, it was discovered that nearly 60% of records had missing or ambiguous information. The direct loss of value as a result of this ambiguity is estimated at US $12 billion.
What's the cost of searching for the right information?
Data overload is a real and costly problem. Organizations are collecting vast quantities of water quality and quantity information, but too often cannot locate and retrieve the information they need.