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Protecting Endangered Species with Continuous Water Quality Data

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Conserving aquatic habitats requires hard data to safeguard water quality and quantity. Watch Edwards Aquifer Authority’s team of Chad Furl, Alicia Reinmund-Martinez, and Matt Schwarz as they share how continuous water quality data, combined with sample and hydrometric data, generates the actionable information needed to protect threatened and endangered species in Texas.

They will explain how real-time data empower their team to achieve their Habitat Conservation Plan to comply with the Endangered Species Act. Discover how they analyze and visualize biogeochemicals cycling in local rivers. Learn how automated red flags help them stay within acceptable deviation of historical daily averages.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Advantages of continuous monitoring in the springs ecosystems
  • Inside look at their current water quality monitoring network design
  • Why they had to retire spreadsheets to manage real-time data
  • Integrating time series & sample data to unlock ecosystem interactions
  • Identifying causes & effects after drought & rain events through faster analysis

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how modern technologies can help you achieve your water quality monitoring program goals. Watch now!

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Alicia Reinmund-Martinez is Director of the Habitat Conservation Program at the Edwards Aquifer Authority. She has managed multi-faceted environmental programs for local, state and federal government, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
Dr. Chad Furl serves as the Edwards Aquifer Habitat Conservation Program Chief Science Officer. Chad has worked on hydrology and water quality projects for the past dozen years with academic and government entities.