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Definitive Environmental C&E Trends to 2020

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Discover environmental C&E trends that can boost professional success and firm revenues!

Industry expert Grant Ferrier, CEO of Environmental Business Journal, shares strategic market information every environmental C&E professional needs to know. Grant leads a three-part dialogue on market forecasts, water trends, and the future of environmental information.

1-Hour Webinar Highlights:

  • Global & North American market snapshot & forecasts to 2020
  • Revenue opportunities & growth by media & client sector
  • Water trends, emerging prospects & strategies for revenue flows
  • Environmental information dynamics & evolution
  • Efficiency gains & better decisions from reliable data

Chris Heyer from Aquatic Informatics concludes with a brief discussion on the future of environmental monitoring information, and how timely, quality data can increase your efficiency, promote faster and better decision making, and ultimately win customer loyalty and build a lasting advantage.

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Grant Ferrier founded Environmental Business Journal (EBJ) in 1988, and it soon became recognized as the environmental industry's leading source of strategic market information. The business evolved into the research, publishing and consulting company now known as Environmental Business International, Inc.
Chris Heyer has over 20 years of experience in water resource management, sales, marketing, and global business development; specializing in real time surface water monitoring. He joined Aquatic Informatics in 2014 as leader of the international and domestic sales teams and manager of channel partners.