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SMART Environmental Modelling & Forecasting with Modern Software

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Learn from monitoring expert Jayson Peterson from Entura and Hydro Tasmania, how the Malaysia SMART Tunnel is using modelling software to better manage urban floods with the longest multi-use (stormwater and road structure) tunnel in the world. Get an inside look at the new AQUARIUS Forecast – modern software for advanced time series modelling. Discover how modern software can help you improve water accounting with water resource modelling, optimize operational decisions using simulations, and gain a time advantage with flood forecasting.

1-Hour Webinar Highlights:

  • An introduction to AQUARIUS Forecast
  • Modelling, simulations, & forecasting applications
  • Malaysia’s SMART Tunnel stormwater modelling
  • Rainfall runoff modelling in AQUARIUS Forecast
  • Customizing models to solve complex problems

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Jayson Peterson
Entura, Hydro Tasmania
Entura is part of Hydro Tasmania, Australia's largest and most experienced renewable energy producer and water manager. Watch this webinar and discover proven practices for efficiently producing hydrological models, simulations, and forecasts that are accurate, timely, and complete.