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Securing More Funding for Water Monitoring

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The Interstate Council on Water Policy (ICWP) share their success story – learn how they secured US$7.2 million in additional funding for water monitoring over the past two fiscal years. Industry experts Ryan Muller and Peter Evans outline strategies that can be scaled to any size funding campaign. Stu Hamilton presents proven tactics to quantify and qualify the value of your water monitoring and discusses how to build a winning cost/benefit business case.

1-Hour Webinar Highlights:

  • Inner workings of the Interstate Council on Water Policy
  • Inside look at ICWP funding strategies that work
  • ICWP advice for any scale funding efforts
  • How to build a winning cost/benefit business case
  • Winning the hearts, minds, and wallets of investors

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Peter Evans served as Director of the ICWP from 2005 – 2014, where he enhanced the role that interstate organizations serve in connecting national water policy with state and local opportunities and authorities. He started his career in 1976 conducting geochemical and geophysical measurements, lab analyses, and computer simulations for NASA and the USGS. Peter practiced law in the natural resource sector for over 15 years.
Ryan is the current Execute Director of the ICWP. Previously, he served at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources where he oversaw state water planning, interstate water management, and water resources monitoring. Ryan’s career also includes over a decade of experience as an environmental engineer and manager in the private sector.