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How to Solve 5 Common Discrete Water Sampling Challenges

Having trouble dealing with discrete data scattered across different network folders, databases, and flat files on your desktop? Struggling to validate your in-situ water sensors with your discrete lab results?

Modern software tools are now available to help organize, filter, and graphically display and publish these results quickly. Join Dave Gilbey, Water Quality Analyst, for a discussion on these 5 common data challenges.

5 Common Data Challenges

  1. Environmental sampling data are often decentralized.
  2. Data are of different types, making them challenging to analyze.
  3. Filtering and sorting data is a time-consuming and manual process.
  4. Correlating and calibrating real-time data with discrete samples is not possible.
  5. Sharing data with the public and stakeholders is expensive.

Webinar Highlights

  • Plan your environmental sampling with a graphical workflow and data entry from the field with a web-enabled device.
  • Show how cloud software can streamline your process of sample management, and reduce risk of errors.
  • Review different types of data and metadata entry, and search for that information in a single cloud database.
  • Demonstrate how to correlate time series and discrete samples, so you can easily validate your field sensors (i.e. algae, TSS, fDOM).
  • Show how to share this data online or export for dissemination to stakeholders or the public.

Join Dave Gilbey for a discussion on how to address these challenges, including a demonstration of AQUARIUS Samples. Watch it today!

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Dave Gilbey has worked in the water resources industry since 1993. Prior to joining Aquatic Informatics as a Water Quality Analyst, he was the the Water Quality Program Coordinator at the City of Lake Oswego, Oregon for 8 years. He managed the City’s Stormwater (NPDES-MS4) permit and Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) programs for Oswego Lake, the Tualatin and Willamette Rivers.
Tim Finegan has over 14 years of experience in working with environmental monitoring agencies globally. Experience with diverse roles ranging from electronics engineering to service and customer support, Tim is an advocate for customers working to manage and protect earth’s environmental resources.