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7 Ways to Quality Control Water Data in Real-Time

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Hear from our guest speaker Derek Forsbloom and discover how Water Survey of Canada is systematically correcting the continuous water data it publishes from 2,500 gauging stations. Learn how to elevate the quality of your hydrometric data in real-time.

1-Hour Webinar Highlights:

  • 7 ways to automate QA/QC for real-time data
  • How to set up real-time station health alerts
  • How notifications & auto-corrections work
  • Tips to avoid warnings for invalid events 
  • How to produce discharge in shifting conditions
  • How to use AQUARIUS to meet demands

Over 700 water resource managers, hydrologists, hydrographers, and scientists registered for this online session. You can now watch the recording at your convenience.

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Water Survey of Canada trusts AQUARIUS Time-Series & AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA for the acquisition and management of data from over 2400 stream gauges, across 28 field offices, for over 200 hydrographers.
To increase operational efficiencies and optimize data consistency nationwide, the USGS chose AQUARIUS for all time series data storage, processing, review, and dissemination. Since 2005, the USGS has relied on AQUARIUS to build accurate rating curves.