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5 Best Practices for Building Better Stage-Discharge Rating Curves

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A reliable rating curve is one that is credible, defensible, and minimizes re-work. This free whitepaper outlines 5 modern practices used by highly effective hydrographers to build better stage-discharge rating curves.

  1. Have a Plan – discover how to modernize your approach.
  2. Understand the Science – revisit current principles.
  3. Systematically Analyze Data – use a hydraulics approach.
  4. Manage the Variance – understand sources of variance.
  5. Qualify Derived Discharge Results – use quality grades.

If you would like to learn more about rating curve best practices - download this whitepaper today! 

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Author: Stuart Hamilton was a senior hydrometric technologist with Water Survey Canada for 30 years and managed the operations of 500+ monitoring stations. He is an expert volunteer with WMO, ISO, NASH, and OGC. Stu is Senior Hydrologist at Aquatic Informatics.
To increase operational efficiencies and optimize data consistency nationwide, the USGS chose AQUARIUS for all time series data storage, processing, review, and dissemination. Since 2005, the USGS has relied on AQUARIUS to build accurate rating curves.